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THE UNSHIELDED HEART RETURNS!: a Wildish Workshop on Zoom

March 25 @ 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

$25 – $50

I’m so happy to return to the Unshielded Heart! It really rocked. I was humbled at the vulnerability and care the participants (me too!) brought to these workshops. And check out these testimonials! Workshop description follows below.

“leaf is a treasure! A wonderful craftsman of group work, artfully blending structure and improvisation to allow each participant to bring their offering in such a way that it all seems, in retrospect, to have flowed naturally, no matter how many surprising turns occurred.”
-Itay Neta

“leaf’s group workshops on vulnerability cut to the core.
I entered my first online group session with trepidation; nervously adjusting my webcam while staring into the void of the blank loading screen – but, less than ten minutes into the session and the walls were already crumbling between the participants.
We were all afloat on the same raft, floating down a river of self exploration, poetically grasping at ideas for which we, as self-identifying men, had few existing words to describe.
Our river guide: Leaf – a skillful moderator who pulls from personal experience to guide the group through both troughs of sorrow and crests of hilarious embarrassment, while whiplashing everyone with both the absurd and the profound.
By the end, we all realized we had similar core struggles, even if those struggles produce their own unique ripples on the surface. We were all paddling in the same river.
By the end, we had all lowered our emotional shields.
By the end, I had a deeper understanding of myself.
By the end,  I possessed a new set of tools to help me lower my shield,
if but an inch to start, for the river is long.”
-William Avalos

For many of us, living authentically in public can feel too vulnerable. We armor up, exposing only some limited, edited version of ourselves. Over time, the armor becomes harder and harder to drop. We are defended even from the people we are close to, and our true emotions, dreams, and desires can become hazy.

In this Wildish Workshop, we will:
* explore what keeps us from dropping our guard when we want to
* find ways to be reasonably vulnerable with our loved ones
* and create practices that we can use to KEEP our hearts more open and available.

Each workshop starts with a grounding exercise, followed by monologue, big group discussion, and small group breakout sessions. Subject matter will also be informed by what you bring to the room. The closing section is devoted to check-ins, feedback, and news about upcoming events.

Registration required:
Pay through PayPal
Scholarships available by request
Limited to 20 students.



March 25
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
$25 – $50




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