Take a deep dive into redefining your masculinity.

We are up to big good: Radical connection that opens your heart in ways you might not even guess at. Are you ready to shed your armor, co-create a safe and nurturing experience for yourself and a band of folks you may be close with for the rest of your life? (You don’t have to be ready). Are you willing? (You must be willing).

Eight months. Eight day-long immersions.
Weekly deep dives with other members of your Heartshop cohort.

You’ll gain:

• Comfort in your own skin at work and home

• Comfort with discomfort

• True, norm-challenging camaraderie

• Bonds that could last a lifetime

• Deeper access to your emotions

• Ease with authentic expression

• Ease with intimacy

• A ton more (see below)

This intensive invites good-hearted folks with diverse experiences to grow together in our
simple. shared humanity: our honest fears, hopes, care, and judgments, as the first step
towards loving ourselves and each other more fully.
The result is liberating.


Each day-long session is packed with exercises in self-reflection, creativity, intuition, clear communication, empathy, responsible leadership, group dynamics, and
co-counseling techniques. In addition, each meeting has a dedicated theme. Below is the sequence from the 6-month program. Based on feedback, we have extended the program to eight months.

Month 1: Threshold: Liminality, the Unknown

Month 2: Shadow, Vulnerability

Month 3: Sex, Sensuality, Competition

Month 4: How to Hear Your Calling/s

Month 5: Power vs Empower, Being of Service

Month 6: Grief, Death, Integration

Month 7-8: TBD

Financial Incentives:

Diversity is a gift, and rampant growth happens in non-homogeneous environments. If you resonate with one or more of the below and would benefit from a reduced rate, let us know.

  • Financial Need
  • Person of Color
  • Veteran
  • Actively doing Social Justice Work
  • 18-24 Years Old
  • Disabled


leaf has a way of really seeing each person he works with.

Through his acknowledgment of other's strengths, he also tends to bring out the best qualities in those around him.
A true collaborator at heart, leaf brings an attentive & alert quality to the room, mixed with a mischievous sense of play that sparks rebellion in the greatest sense of that word (ie: the ultimate creativity).

Krista DeNio, Executive and Artistic Director, Earthdance Art and Dance Center

When I was in class with leaf, the feeling in the room was always much different than other classes...

there was an amazing energy where anyone could speak their truth and be heard out... he made it so that we all taught each other, versus all the material coming from a single source. Leafs teaching changed the way that I thought about how classes could and should be conducted.

Isaac N, undergrad, UCSC

leaf honors the sacredness in all situations, things and beings and lives his life with integrity.

He is genuinely appreciative and grateful for life and all it offers and has a deep respect for nature... Because of his honest, sincere, respectful nature, people immediately feel at ease and trust him. He sees all people as equal, independent of their ethnic or religious background; he honors treats people of all ages as individuals. He is a unique and exceptional type of leader. He has a way of commanding the role of director/leader/teacher/facilitator with passion, confidence, and power, while at the same time seeming almost invisible in the process. The participants feel empowered as co-leaders and collaborators with him, rather than simply followers.

Deanna Hunt, Faculty, UOP

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