gnome-goes-homeMore than anything, Wildish Work is about relationships: how you relate to your life, your choices, people, and environment.

It’s an intuitive and intentional process. I provide an open, candid environment to examine and refine your relationships, especially with yourself, which significantly alters how you perceive and interact with the outer world. It might look something like this:
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I. Map your inner geography:

  • Locate and address old and new wounds
  • Identify unclaimed strengths and skills
  • Negotiate “immovable” obstacles
  • Catch the Slippery Fish of Denial
  • Unveil what you care deeply about
  • Recognize your calling(s)

    II. Acclimate to your newly mapped inner geography:

  • Transition away from symptomatic behaviors
  • Attend to your authentic dreams
  • Align more fully with your deep nature
  • Take action with more confidence
  • Recognize and wield your power with integrity and balance
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    Wildish Work is not therapy, and not bound by the limitations placed on therapeutic practice. In addition to traditional counseling, we might talk over lunch, career plan,┬átake walks, or employ a number of other modalities: trance work, homework, art lessons, networking, vision quests, academic support, scheduling assistance, laughing meditation, spirit-guide work, theater improvisation, charity work… Any of these might accompany standard, talk-therapy-like counseling techniques.hell no rules cmprssd

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    I bring my non-counseling background into my counseling practice.
    This includes:

  • the arts: audio, performance, theater, dance, and the visual arts
  • roughing it (urban and rural)
  • social justice
  • community building
  • art mentoring
  • step-fathering
  • mediation
  • self defense
  • education: pre-k through adult seniors
  • farming/field work
  • mindfulness
  • improvisational dance
  • shamanic/esoteric experience
  • public speaking
  • group facilitation
  • at-risk youth mentoring
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    Age Range:
    I work primarily within the 16-80 age range.

    Client Configurations:
    I see individuals, couples, triads+, families, and groups.

    Gender, Sexual Identity:
    I work with people of all genders and sexual identities (including unidentified).

    Counseling Styles:
    My practice is most influenced by:

  • Attachment Theory
  • Coaching
  • Expressive Arts
  • Holistic
  • Humanistic
  • Interpersonal
  • Process Work
  • Relational
  • Re-evaluation Counseling
  • Shamanic/Intuitive
  • Transpersonal
  • Topics and issues Click here for a list of common topics and issues addressed in Wildish Work

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