free workshops on navigating masculinity

Learn to connect more deeply with the people you love.

leaf & co.

It’s a profound moment when we get in touch with what’s really going on inside. When we drop our guard, even a little, the world gets a little better. “How to Live from your Heart” is a free workshop to:

begin liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and old habits

start making room for your feelings and authentic needs

get closer with the people that matter most to you

In this safe space, you can examine what it means to “be a man,” reclaim needs, and express hopes and fears you haven’t often shared.

You are invited to take part in group discussion, counseling demonstrations, and other powerful tools that drop you deeper into the moment. Each exercise is optional: an opportunity for you to decide how far to stretch your comfort-zone.

When you leave, you will have challenged your norms, built stronger community, and shared empathy with strangers. Armed with new insights, you will be able to connect with yourself and the people you love in a fundamentally deeper way.


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Your personal growth and camaraderie doesn’t have to stop with the workshop. This path is so needed and has so much potential for healing!

If you are ready for more, (like… LOTS more) I’ve got you covered! Heartshop Online, a deep dive into masculine psycho-spiritual growth, is returning soon. I’ll mention it at the end of the workshop, but if you can’t wait, you can always call or text.

leaf Wild: (916)436-7622

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