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SPRING RETREAT: April 26-28, Pt Reyes CA

Pics from our Summer 2023 retreat

When I woke up on the first morning, I thought “What the hell am I doing here?” Now I say “This was life-changing.”
-First-time participant: Summer Retreat 2023

What we’re up to:

Slow way down, delve deep, and cultivate genuine camaraderie at Wildish Work’s Spring Retreat. Nestled atop a tranquil hillside, our home base is a gorgeous cabin overlooking Tomales Bay. From there, our small group will embark on an inner journey of profound connection and growth. Our dedicated facilitators consciously weave a safe space for masc and men folk to be courageous, authentic, and vulnerable together.

You will be immersed in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Marin coast. Assist in crafting nourishing, wholesome meals. Engage your mind/body/spirit through transformative workshops, a walking nature meditation, and authentic discussions, all expertly guided by facilitators who are committed to your personal evolution.

This isn’t your typical men’s retreat; there’s no “beat-you-down and build-you up” mentality here. Quite the opposite. You decide your level of involvement in each of our offerings. Around structure and formality, I like to say that I run a very loose ship – not rudderless, but nimble, adaptable, and responsive to the needs of the present moment.

It’s a challenge to put the magic, healing, and transformation of our retreats into words. Roughly half of our participants are new to this type of experience, yet many find it life-changing. Laughter, tears, genuine sharing, and abundant joy are all part of the journey, forging bonds that endure beyond the retreat.

As previous participants have said, if you’re unsure, lean into it. Join us in embracing the burgeoning energy of spring!

Questions? Ask leaf at



Your guides:

leaf Wild, host facilitator

Compassionate, unconventional, insightful, leaf is a gifted healer. An exuberant advocate for people who feel “other,” his kind, irreverent nature shines through in his work: fostering mental and spiritual growth, cultivating compassionate community, and inspiring authentic creative expression, particularly through counseling and the arts.

Yesi Avelar, guest facilitator

Yesi is an authentic, insightful, and intuitive holder of space. More soon 🙂

Alec Nicholson, guest facilitator

Alec helps clients grow home into trusting themselves and living authentically. With compassionate curiosity and playfulness, he helps clients reclaim their wholeness and deepen trust in their own innate healing intelligence. He is a superb guide as you explore the unconscious programming that keeps you small, and gently discover your growing capacity to struggle less. Alec anticipates a playful journey of spontaneity, wisdom, and compassion.

Ryan Windsor, guest facilitator

Ryan is committed to helping individuals achieve holistic wellness by addressing mind, body, and spirit. With a compassionate and intuitive approach, he supports people in navigating relationship challenges, unlocking their true potential, and reclaiming inner peace. He is profoundly influenced by the belief that every interaction serves as an opportunity for healing and growth.

Prices and Discounts:


$825-$925 ($825 for camping, $925 for one of 4 beds)

This low price includes everything: lodging, meals, snacks, and limitless healing ❤️‍🩹

Pay in up to three installments with no extra charge


$50 off for artists, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, veterans and active duty, teachers, first responders

BRING A FRIEND  and save $100! Drop the price by $50 each!

This is an intentionally small gathering, so there are only a few spots available. Don’t wait on this opportunity to heal your mind and heart.


Do not let money issues keep you from attending this healing adventure! Partial scholarships are available for those in need.

What participants are saying:

The weekend softened all of us into a deep space where taking risks, being loved, and being held in high regard was the norm.

Daniel Moglen

 The weekend was incredible! Of the different types of retreats that I’ve done, probably my favorite. The location and setting were perfect, the men were all wonderful, and all of the planned programming really resonated with me, and opened up room for a lot of great conversations during the unplanned portions. I feel inspired, seen, empowered, and like my cup is overflowing. Can’t say enough good things about it! leaf has a gift for men’s work and I hope he keeps offering it – the world needs what he has to offer!


…our river guide: leaf – a skillful moderator who pulls from personal experience to guide the group through both troughs of sorrow and crests of hilarious embarrassment, while whiplashing everyone with both the absurd and the profound.
By the end, we all realized we had similar core struggles, even if those struggles produce their own unique ripples on the surface. We were all paddling in the same river.
By the end, we had all lowered our emotional shields.
By the end, I had a deeper understanding of myself.
By the end,  I possessed a new set of tools to help me lower my shield,
if but an inch to start, for the river is long.”

-William Avalos